January 2018
Paris. Sounds. Postcards.

These sonorous postcards are vocal madeleines dedicated to Paris: vibes, details, voices, inspirations.
Discovering the Fall/Winter 2018 collection and living our showroom in Paris / 57 Rue de Turenne, Paris, 19/24 January.

When: 19-24 January
Where: Rue de Turenne, Paris

Rendez-vous à Paris. This blue weave runs along the frame to unveil the coordinates of our Fall/Winter 2018 collection.
December 2017
When: 9-12 January
Where: Florence

A new Pitti Immagine is coming. Let’s meet at Fortezza da Basso, Arena Strozzi, stand 40, to unveil the Fall/Winter 2018-18 collection.
November 2017
Behind the stage, truly confidential.

“Off the Record” contents are inedited short stories collected during our last Fall/Winter shooting.
Synonyms: in (strict) confidence, not for publication, not for public consumption, not to be made public, not for circulation, not to be disclosed, not to be mentioned, private, secret, classified, (to be kept) under wraps.
October 2017
Nine in the Morning + Eraldo.

Black fabric + sartorial attitude
The unexpected detail > The labelling concept based on the union of opposites
> A full space, an empty urgency.
Black drop. Eraldo Store capsule collection. The labelling concept.
September 2017
When: 29th September - 4th October
Where: Le Marais, 3 rue Perrée

Athletic couture vision and high-performance fabrics: Neuf Paris, our exclusive capsule created for Paris Fashion Week, flows in a new location with its bold blue hints and its absolute black. Not-to-forget: the skillful details.
July 2017
The Architecture.

Reconsidering places and architectures with a speed and simplicity. Looking for a geometric setting. Building a minimal but strong scenario. Playing with huge cubes. Daring particular standpoints. Always in the edge between Architecture, Design and our own sartorial world.
June 2017
Pitti Immagine, Florence.

In the city of Renaissance the aesthetics of our collection guides you through a new paradigm of time. Its traditional idea evolves into a Hanged Time concept, a vision that breaks the classic rules and makes you living a lordly, sartorial, suspended time.